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Your New Company logo!

Your new company logo and how it relates to your brandAlso sometimes referred to as a logotype. Which is a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition of products or services offered. A logo can be a typographical solution utilizing only text, it can also be accompanied by a symbol or it may actually combine typography and imagery so there is no real separation of the two.

A well designed logo will look just as sharp at 1.5 inches wide as it does at 12 feet wide. It will easily convert to black and white from it’s preferred colour version. Your logo should also convert to a white version (reverse) so it can be used on darker backgrounds without losing it’s original integrity.

When does your logo become a Brand?

So your new logo is completed and ready to be put to use. Some businesses simply start by applying the newly acquired image on everything they need without really planning out the steps. This method almost always ensures your new logo is not contributing to the development of your overall brand.

In order to develop a true branded image/identity for your business you need to prepare some strict rules for your logo usage that takes the big picture into consideration. This is where the new identity blossoms into a “corporate identity” role rather than just a logo. By creating a “graphic standards manual” that outlines the consistent application of the corporate identity/logo and other branding elements you take away the guess work of how it will be used.

Consistent Marketing Efforts form your Company BrandThe graphic standards design manual will dictate how your brand identity will look in all marketing materials. It will include details such as fonts to be used in conjunction with the identity, pantone colours vs. process colour vs. single colour usage, the positioning of the logo on all printed pieces, size restrictions, which colours can be used to compliment the logo, pre-defined stationary and business card layouts, and other specific details based on the products and services offered by the company the logo was originally designed for.

By preparing a detailed graphic standard design manual you ensure that the logo will now be used consistently from the beginning. The manual actually assists the graphic designer in a positive way and makes the work flow quicker because he/she will prepare all artwork based on the rules that are provided in the manual. By adhering to these detailed rules set out in the manual the brand will be built. In short, it is the consistency and continuity of all marketing mediums that will create the company brand. The message and visual presentation become repetitive and recognizable to potential customers or clients.


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